Good morning, Marketers, and the coworking space saga continues. 

Once a month my coworking space has a catered lunch. It wasn’t the reason I signed up for this spot (the proximity to daycare was the driving factor), but it is a nice benefit. The other cool part is that it’s not just a Chipotle buffet. Don’t get me wrong. I am the least snobby food person. I will gladly eat Chipotle and enjoy it.

But the catered lunches are gourmet. Yesterday there were quail egg Croque Madames, spicy pesto avocado toasts, and cream of celery root soup with beet puree and fresh grapes. As a non-fancy eater, this menu was a hit or miss for me (who puts cold grapes in hot soup?). But what I love most is that it makes me try new foods that I would never have tasted before.

I recently asked on Twitter how search marketers level up their careers (stay with me here), and a lot of people said TRY NEW THINGS. Oftentimes we get caught up in what we have to do and what we’re good at doing, but trying new things (that you probably never would have tried before) can be a big key in taking the next steps in your career. 

New things can be anything: taking Python classes, learning the basics of design in Canva, negotiating a raise if you never had before, taking the lead on a project you normally wouldn’t have.

So today I’m encouraging you to try new things! Whether it’s on a menu or in your job. Take the risk. Try the thing. Advance your career! Just do it. 

P.S. Want to learn more about leveling up your search marketing career? That’s what my SMX Next keynote is all about. Plus we’ll have a whole track dedicated to what’s next for our profession.

Carolyn Lyden,
Director of Search Content


Google Ads will combine Smart and standard Display campaigns

Beginning this month, Google Ads will combine standard Display campaigns and Smart Display campaigns into a single option. In addition, Google Ads will also be introducing optimized targeting to Display campaigns.

When advertisers create a new campaign, they’ll see the new Display campaign type. During the setup process, advertisers can choose what to automate or control manually, and they can change their automation choices at any time without having to create a new campaign.

Why we care. Soon, there will be just one option to create Display campaigns. The new Display campaign type will have the same controls for bidding, ads and audiences that standard Display campaigns currently offer. And, “Existing Smart & standard Display campaigns aren’t affected by this change at this time,” Ginny Marvin, Google’s ads product liaison stated on Twitter.

“It’s hard to tell from the announcement, but hopefully there won’t be a major near-term impact,” Greg Finn, partner at Cypress North, told Search Engine Land. “Additionally, some advertisers will be able to test the power of Smart Display automation without having to create a one-off ‘Smart’ campaign.”

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Signals21 – The award-winning virtual content series for marketers is back

Starting October 6, Signals21 will deliver five weeks of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought-leaders, world-renowned brands, industry heads and engaging panels. Hear directly from global enterprise brand marketers from all marketing functions as they share their experience and successes engaging customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to build relationships in the post-cookie era, deliver personalization that goes beyond a first name and past purchases, or just want to be entertained and motivated by expert and engaging speakers, we have a session for you.

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Reddit invests in advertising features (as promised)

With its latest round of funding, Reddit promised to expand advertising options to help businesses drive more qualified leads. Well, it didn’t take long, from what we can see. The latest announcement indicates that ad features are where the platform’s headed. What’s new?

  • Bid Recommendation: Leverage the bid recommendation tool in the ad group build page for guidance on what to bid to reach your target audience.
  • Improved Bulk Edit Tool: Save time optimizing campaigns by updating bids and budgets across multiple ad groups simultaneously.
  • Updated look w/ Better Performance: Loading times with the updated dashboard is also now 2x faster than before.

Why we care. As an avid Redditor, one thing I love is that the communities (called subs) are so niche and specific to certain groups and interests. While they are generally wary of advertising, there’s an opportunity there to really hone in your targeting and find the exact people who would want your product or service. These upgraded advertising options will help marketers do that even more effectively now.


Webinar: 5 ways to convert more leads with connected buying experiences

In a B2B marketplace that is now digital and buyer-driven, your team needs to reach the right accounts and buyers, when they’re ready to buy. Because buyers are using a full range of channels to do their own research and make decisions quickly, marketers to support the full buyer’s process and provide the right information at the right time. Learn how. Join experts from Integrate as they walk you through five pillars that will help you convert more leads to revenue with connected buying experiences.

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Search Shorts

Writing and stages of the funnel for both SEO and PPC

SEO: How to plan SEO content that actually ranks. Learn how to identify metrics for content goals, perform keyword research that drives SEO value and build your content calendar from Hubspot’s head of English SEO, Aja Frost.

PPC: How to write ad copy that actually converts (and 3 major mistakes to avoid). When testing copy, make it worth testing. Use power words or emotional calls-to-action to really analyze what messaging has a stronger appeal and why, from Alyssa Altman, Vice President at WORX.

PPC: Three PPC targeting tactics that power every stage of the funnel. “You can make any channel work for you depending on who your prospects are and which channels they use and which targeting options are available across all channels,” said Amy Bishop, Owner and Marketing Consultant at Cultivative.

SEO: How to drive the funnel through content marketing and link building. “It isn’t so much about what you want to tell your audience, it’s what you understand they want to learn and what’s going to be helpful for them,” suggested Eve Sangenito, director at Perficient.


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Joke of the day

“I don’t kill spiders. Why? Because I can’t harm a fellow web developer,” tweeted Florin Pop.

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