Good morning, Marketers, here’s some advice.

Stop being too narrow with your SEO strategies, focus on the bigger picture and don’t get caught up in the weeds.

I often see SEOs too narrowly focused on small and often fruitless SEO tasks that they are told are important, so they put all their effort into those tasks. The issue is, while the task may be important, without understanding the purpose behind it (i.e., the larger picture), the SEO gets lost in the task and forgets why they are performing that task. What that leads to is working on SEO without really seeing any benefit.

If they understand why they are working on a specific task, they will understand that it is not that individual task that will bring SEO success but rather the multitude of other tasks that follow. So when you are working on improving ranking, you need to make sure that Google can discover your content, understand your content, understand the overall picture of the site and understand why your site is important to rank higher than the competition. The only way to do that is to perform dozens, if not hundreds of individual SEO tasks all with a high-level picture of what the end game is.

Of course I am not talking to you, I am talking to the other person who opened up this email, but not you. 

Barry Schwartz,
SEO task manager

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