The Periodic Tables of PPC

For nearly a decade, Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO has been a globally recognized tool for search professionals. Now, we are bringing this comprehensive, visual approach to the paid search landscape with the release of the Periodic Tables of PPC

Paid search has become increasingly complex, with more campaign types, more ad formats, more targeting and optimization levers and, yes, more automation and machine learning. In fact, it’s become so expansive that we have broken the elements into two tables. In these tables and report, we focus exclusively on the intricacies of Search and Shopping campaign elements and do not delve into channels such as Display and Video.

The Periodic Table of Essential PPC Elements encompasses structure, campaign types, ad formats, ad copy, bidding and targeting mechanisms. Part of what we wanted to achieve with this tool is an at-a-glance view of the influence of automation and machine learning on paid search. Each element is color-coded based on whether it is manual, automated, machine learning-driven or a blend of manual control and automation. We’ve also included the key calculations used in the auctions.

The Periodic Table of PPC Optimization and Measurement covers all of the levers and tools available for optimizing and measuring performance as well as the quality and contextual signals the search engines use in the auction.

The accompanying report also includes several additional assets and references, including the PPC “toxins” that can hurt your performance. As Google and Microsoft extend campaigns beyond the search results, we also provide you with a handy view of where your ads in these newer campaigns can appear.

This magnum opus was created and edited by Ginny Marvin, our editor-in-chief, designed by Taylor Peterson, our deputy editor, with an advisory group comprising Henry Powderly, vice president of content, and Pamela Parker, senior editor and projects manager, content studio.

While paid search marketing is an art, it is also a science. We hope this new tool serves as an essential reference for your experiments. 

Click here to download the free report.

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